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The Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership (MGSDP) is a collaborative partnership formed by organisations involved with the operation of the sewerage and drainage network within the metropolitan Glasgow area.

The MGSDP is a National Planning Framework 3 (NPF3) 'National Development' - a nationally significant exemplar of catchment-scale water and drainage infrastructure planning.

Delivery of the MGSDP Vision and Objectives, in line with the Guiding Principles, will help to sustainably drain the Glasgow city region, better service existing communities, unlock potential development sites and build greater resilience to long-term climate change, ensuring that aspirations for regeneration and growth are supported by improved infrastructure capacity.

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The MGSDP Vision will be realised through partnership working shaped by the MGSDP Guiding Principles - further details are provided in the video below.

MGSDP Vision and Guiding Principles


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