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Adaptation Scotland - advice and support to help Scotland be prepared and resilient to the effects of climate change.

Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) - a national development in the Scottish Government's third National Planning Framework, the CSGN is changing the face of Central Scotland, to improve the vitality, health and well-being of central Scotland by restoring and transforming the landscape of an area stretching from Ayrshire and Inverclyde in the west, to Fife and the Lothians in the east, with the overarching vision that by 2050, the area will be transformed into a place where the environment adds value to the economy and where people's lives are enriched by its quality.

Climate Ready Clyde - a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at creating a shared climate change adaptation strategy and action plan for the whole of the Glasgow City Region.

CIRIA Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience (C790) - developed to set the benchmark for those installing or constructing PFR and includes six standards specifying what should be achieved when delivering PFR..

CIRIA Guidance on the Construction of SuDS (C768) - as SuDS delivery in the UK has steadily increased, knowledge and experience, particularly around the construction of SuDS, has improved. This guide uses that experience to help those constructing SuDS to understand and avoid the common pitfalls through the planning, construction and handover phases, using photographs of actual site works to illustrate both good practice and what can go wrong. Case studies are provided to show how good construction has been achieved or problems resolved. The guide also provides checklists for pre-construction, construction and handover inspections.

CIRIA SuDS Manual (C753) - the updated (2015) SuDS Manual incorporates the very latest research, industry best practice and guidance to assist in the planning, design, construction, management and maintenance of good SuDS, and support the cost-effective delivery of multiple benefits.

Clyde and Loch Lomond (CaLL) Local Plan District (LPD) - Local Flood Risk Management Plan (LFRMP) - the LFRMP for the CaLL LPD, published by Glasgow City Council as Lead Local Authority.

Clyde Waterfront - a strategic partnership between the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow City, Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire Councils, to help to develop a vibrant, thriving River Clyde with people and communities at its heart. 

Depave - a nonprofit initiative based in Portland, in the USA, Depave promotes the transformation of over-paved places; engaging and inspiring communities to reconnect urban landscapes to nature.

Floodline Scotland - operated by SEPA, Floodline provides live flooding information and advice on how to prepare for or cope with the impacts of flooding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flood Re - Flood Re has been set up to help those households who live in a flood risk area find affordable home insurance.

Glasgow & the Clyde Valley Green Network - a partnership that brings together eight regional local authorities and five government agencies, with the aim of changing the face of Central Scotland through a work programme of strategic and exemplar projects and greenspace enhancements, to improve lives and communities and let business flourish.

Glasgow City Region City Deal - The Glasgow City Region City Deal is an agreement between the UK Government, the Scottish Government and eight Local Authorities across Glasgow and the Clyde Valley that will fund major infrastructure projects; create thousands of new jobs and assist thousands of unemployed people back to work; improve public transport and connectivity; drive business innovation and growth and generate billions of pounds of private sector investment.

Greenspace Scotland - a social enterprise and an independent charitable company, working with a wide range of local and national partners to support the planning, development and sustainable management of greenspaces and green networks as a key part of the green infrastructure of our towns and cities.

Green Roof Guide - a best practice guidance website, part funded with European Life+ funding, which aims to set standards for green roof design and installation across the UK.

Living, Working, Playing with Water - devised and delivered between August 2016 and March 2017 by artist-researchers Dr Minty Donald and Nick Millar, with Dr Ursula Lang, and in partnership with GCC and the MGSDP, this project sought to investigate perceptions of open water in urban environments, and to test and reflect on the potential of creative practice to engage and communicate with communities regarding SuDS and other water management infrastructure, including the development of a toolkit to aid this process. pdf icon Living, Working, Playing with Water [4Mb]

Natural Flood Management Network Scotland - a Scottish Government funded initiative, developed by the James Hutton Institute and supported by SEPA, aimed at encouraging the sharing of knowledge and best practice around NFM. It is user driven, and provides a portal to upload case studies, events, news and resources on NFM and connect the NFM community.

Property Flood Resistance / Resilience :- Homeowners guide to property flood resilience, Flood handbook for your business, CIRIA C790 Code of practice for property flood resilience, Yorkshire Flood Resilience, Hazard and Hope, The Flood Hub, and Property Flood Resilience - Stories from homes and businesses who have made adaptations to help them recover more quickly after a flood

Ready Scotland - flooding education page - part of the Scottish Government Ready Scotland website, this page is a resource that contains a range of materials to help children and young people prepare for and deal with emergencies, including flooding.

Report-a-Flood - operated by SEPA, Report-a-Flood provides a online tool for reporting flooding that can impact travel routes, properties and community facilities. By sharing information on where and when flooding takes place you can help others to avoid disruption and be prepared.

Royal Horticultural Society - Greening Grey Britain - guidance from the Royal Horticultural Society on how to transform bleak grey spaces into great green places. Includes a Front Gardens Guide document.

Scottish Flood Forum - an independent organisation which supports individuals and communities at risk from flooding.

Scottish Government - Flooding page - the main Scottish Government flooding page.

Scottish Water - Flooding information page - Scottish Water flooding information webpage.

Scottish Water - SuDS and sewers Design Guidance page - Scottish Water SuDS / sewers design guidance webpage, including link to Sewers for Scotland.

Scotland's Environment - information about the State of Scotland's Environment and the data that underpin the assessment.

Scottish Green Infrastructure Forum (SGIF)  - a group of organisations, businesses and individuals interested in promoting and encouraging the building of Green Infrastructure. The website aims to provide useful information on all aspects of green infrastructure, including advice on how to go about installing green infrastructure into your own projects.

SEPA - Flooding page - the main flooding page of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). SEPA is Scotland's national flood forecasting, flood warning and strategic flood risk management authority.

SEPA - River Basin Management Planning page - River basin management plans are produced every six years by SEPA on behalf of the Scottish Government. They cover actions for all responsible authorities in Scotland.

SEPA - National Flood Maps for Scotland - flood maps for the whole of Scotland designed to help you understand how you could be affected by flooding. The maps shows areas which are likely to flood from rivers, the sea and surface water.

SEPA - National Flood Risk Management Strategies - Flood Risk Management Strategies coordinate efforts to tackle flooding in Scotland. They set the national direction of future flood risk management, helping to target investment and coordinate actions across public bodies. The strategies explain what causes flooding in high risk areas as well as the impacts when flooding does occur. This information is used as a basis for better decision-making across flood risk management organisations.

SEPA - SuDS page - under the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 it is a general requirement for new developments with surface water drainage systems discharging to the water environment that such discharges will pass through SUDS.

sniffer - an independent charity dedicated to commissioning scientific research on the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

susdrain - created by CIRIA, susdrain is a community website that provides a range of resources for those involved in delivering sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to manage flood risk and water quality, and provide a range of amenity benefits that create great places to live, work and play.

US EPA Soak Up the Rain - US Environmental Protection Agency, Soak Up the Rain website is a stormwater public outreach campaign to raise awareness about the problem of polluted stormwater runoff and to encourage citizens, municipalities and others to take action to help reduce runoff and its costly impacts.

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Video Resources

MGSDP Vision and Guiding Principles - video summarising the MGSDP Vision and Guiding Principles.

Ever Wondered Where the Rain Goes? - sustainable drainage animation that provides an engaging and digestible overview of SuDS.

Let's Get Nibbling! - Landscape Institute animation on the challenges of flooding and what we can all do to reduce the risks and impacts.

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) in the UK - animation about delivering water sensitive urban design - learn more at

SuDS not Floods! - animation created by primary school pupils explaining how Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can benefit the whole community.

Invest in Green Infrastructure - Landscape Institute animation on Green Infrastructure (GI) as an approach to land use that emphasises multifunctional and connected spaces, underpinned by the recognition that many benefits are generated by natural ecosystems.

CIRIA Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience - animation detailing the importance of PFR and how the CoP can aid those installing or constructing PFR.

Climate Change and Scotland's Future - University of Glasgow graduates Jenni O'Neill and Cameron Mackay put their degrees to use to look at how one of the biggest issues facing the country they grew up in could be tackled.

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