Heather Avenue Flood Alleviation Scheme Completed

Heather Avenue Flood Alleviation Scheme Completed

Due to a history of flood events at Heather Avenue, Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire Council undertook flood alleviation and improvement works within the Heather Avenue Park area. Having determined the existing drainage regime in the area and undertaken analysis and review of a range of options, works were progressed to minimise flood risk to the local community.

These works comprised:-

  • Removal of the existing footbridge and replacing with new;
  • Installation of a trash screen at the new bridge to prevent any blockages at the culvert inlet downstream;
  • Creation of low level bunds and re-profiling of existing open grass areas to provide overland flow route paths to areas where flood waters can be temporarily stored, away from existing properties, then returned back to the existing watercourse when the storm event has passed and water levels allow.

The works were undertaken between January to March 2017 and the scheme is now in operation and protecting properties.

 Heather Ave 1

New footbridge and trash screen, with bunded storage area in background.

Heather Ave 2

New bunded storage area and outlet back into watercourse.


(Summer 2017 Newsletter)

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