Croftfoot Park SuDS Basin

A new SuDS basin constructed in Croftfoot Park to attenuate surface runoff from Croftfoot Park was completed in December 2016 to reduce the risk and impacts of flooding in Croftpark Avenue and areas further downstream.

The £200,000 project has been delivered by Glasgow City Council to, primarily, manage runoff from the former golf course area that now forms Croftfoot Park, which was contributing to frequent surface water flooding that was impacting a number of properties along Croftpark Avenue.

The basin has been constructed on the line of the Spittal Burn culvert from King's Park and is designed to hold back runoff from Croftfoot Park in a controlled manner using a flow control device, to reduce the risk of local flooding occurring.

Attenuating flow in this manner will also provide benefit for properties further downstream along the line of Spittal Burn culvert. Grass seeding and other planting works will be undertaken in spring 2017 to complete the landscaping for the project. A launch event to mark the completion of the main SuDS basin is also planned for Spring 2017.

This project has been delivered as the first phase of proposed SWMP interventions in the Croftfoot area, with further works to be undertaken in the coming years to provide further reduction in flood risk.

Croftfoot Park SuDS Basin

Aerial view of location here


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