Flooding Project Completed in Drumchapel, Glasgow

Flooding Project Completed in Drumchapel, Glasgow

Scottish Water has completed a project in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow which will tackle flooding that has affected six properties.

The £1.8m investment in waste water infrastructure, which started in December 2016, will help reduce the risk of sewer flooding which has affected properties in the Moraine Avenue area. The work included the installation of a new storage tank and associated pipework and manholes in the grassed area between Kirkhope Drive and Blairdardie Road, which have increased the storage capacity in the local network.

To enable the Moraine Avenue work to progress, with the construction of a new manhole on Kirkhope Drive between Moraine Avenue and Moraine Drive, there was some road traffic management. Scottish Water thanks affected residents and road users for their patience and understanding while this work was carried out.

Scottish Water, Glasgow City Council and East Dunbartonshire Council are continuing to collaborate to develop the Drumchapel Surface Water Management Plan, which will identify and deliver in the coming years integrated project interventions to manage surface water upstream and reduce the risks and impacts of flooding across the catchment area.

Moraine Ave

Storage tank at Moraine Avenue under construction

For further information on the Moraine Avenue project, visit the Scottish Water website - www.scottishwater.co.uk


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