Flooding project in Milton area of Glasgow complete

Flooding project in Milton area of Glasgow complete

In September 2017, Scottish Water completed a major environmental improvement project which will reduce sewer flood risk to 32 properties in the Milton area of Glasgow.

The £3.1m investment in Mingulay Crescent and Scaraway Street, is part of a £250 million, five-year programme of work Scottish Water announced in February 2013 which will continue to improve river water quality and the natural environment of the River Clyde, enable the Greater Glasgow area to grow and develop, alleviate sewer flooding and deal with the effects of increased rainfall from climate change.

To minimise the risk of flooding in the area, amey Black & Veatch (aBV), Scottish Water's delivery partners, upgraded the local sewer network by increasing its capacity so that it can store more water during times of heavy rainfall. This was done by upsizing the existing sewer pipework and installing new storm overflow pipes.

Further information on this project is available on the Scottish Water website - www.scottishwater.co.uk


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