Winter Flooding Awareness Campaign

Winter Flooding Awareness Campaign

Whilst flooding can happen at any time during the year, particularly as climate change is predicted to bring more frequent and intense summer rainfall events, SEPA's Winter Flooding Campaign, which will run from December 2017 through to March 2018, is aimed at providing the public with advance notice of potential flooding. Through a new suite of winter marketing materials and a strategic approach to communicating, this campaign is able to more accurately target communications activity to those at risk of flooding, and provide up to 3 days notice of potential flooding, giving people more time to prepare and take action.

In order for this campaign to be accurate and effective, SEPA is working with the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service, a partnership between SEPA and the Met Office, to monitor the likelihood and impacts of flooding. If significant or severe flooding is imminent, the campaign will be activated and messages will be broadcast to the areas at risk. Messages will be advertised on both national and local radio stations, on social media and online and will also be shared with key partners and flood action groups for further dissemination.

The communications activity complements SEPA's Floodline Service - which provides free messages to customers when SEPA issues a Flood Alert, Flood Warning or Severe Flood Warning in their area at any time of the year, and will encourage more people to sign up to the service.

SEPA Winter Flooding Awareness Campaign

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For more information on what we can all do to reduce the risks and impacts of flooding, visit the MGSDP website -


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