Neptune Steps Rocks Maryhill Locks

Neptune Steps Rocks Maryhill Locks

Organised by Red Bull and Scottish Canals, the toughest open-water swimming race in the UK took place in Glasgow's Forth & Clyde Canal on March 10th March.

Faced with faced some of the toughest conditions in the event's four year history - a water temperature as low as 3 degrees and ceaseless, lashing rain, the elite endurance athletes raced through 420 metres of cold water, climbing 18 metres over seven canal locks. Each canal lock gate featured a different obstacle, which the swimmers having to climb over before diving into the next section of water, including cargo net, ropes, wood ladder, rope ladders and a climbing wall.

In the women's race, last year's winner Jennifer Davis defended her title. For the men, Dan Jones, a first time open water swimmer, was the winner.

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Chilly Conditions on the Day

For further information on the event and a full list of the results, visit the Red Bull website -


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