Sewers for Scotland Version 4 Released

Sewers for Scotland Version 4 Released

Sewers for Scotland (SfS) provides guidance on Scottish Water's requirements in terms of specification for the design, construction and vesting of new sewerage infrastructure assets - including foul and statutory surface water.

SfS is aimed at all developers and their consultants who plan to undertake a development of any size in Scotland. It provides developers with technical standards applicable to sewers, pumping stations and sustainable drainage systems "SuDS" which will vest in Scottish Water. Scottish Water provides supplementary documents which further clarify the process of vesting of new assets and should be read in conjunction with SfS.

The latest update to SfS, Version 4, was made available on 31st October, and for the first time includes assets such as swales and filter trenches that will be considered for vesting.

Sewers for Scotland V4 cover

All new designs submitted in relation to development in Scotland will need to comply with SfS v4.0 as of 1st January 2019.

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