Scottish Government Launches Property Flood Resilience Action Plan

Scottish Government Launches Property Flood Resilience Action Plan

In November, the Scottish Government launched Living With Flooding - An action plan for delivering property flood resilience in Scotland.

The Action Plan recognises that in Scotland the responsibility for protecting property from flooding rests with the owner. While thousands of properties at risk of flooding will benefit from formal flood schemes, thousands more will not and even those covered by a scheme will still have a remaining risk from overtopping or other sources of flooding.

It is important therefore that householders and commercial occupiers know how to protect their property to limit physical damage to buildings and lessen the longer-term emotional impacts of being flooded.

The Action Plan has three main objectives:-

  • Building a better evidence base - through research and case studies determine the uptake of, the successes, the obstacles to uptake and cost benefits of property flood resilience (PFR);

  • Influencing policy and providing clear guidance - provide clear, consistent information and guidance on PFR used by industry and property owners or occupiers; and

  • Recognising and supporting positive change - encourage more PFR measures during renovations or re-instatement by promoting the economic and social benefits of flood resilience.

PFRDG - Living with Flooding

All published research and reports will be freely available on the Scottish Flood Forum website -

Visit the Scottish Government website for further information, and to download the Action Plan -


(November 2019)

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