Retrofit Highway Raingardens Delivered in South East Glasgow

Retrofit Highway Raingardens Delivered in South East Glasgow

Enabled by funding from the Glasgow City Region City Deal - - the South East Glasgow Surface Water Management Plan has delivered works in Croftfoot and Kings Park, that include installation of improved drainage infrastructure, construction of raingarden features and improvements to public spaces.

The project commenced works on site in July 2019 and, with a delay due to the impact of Covid-19, is now forecast to be complete January 2021.

At Croftpark Avenue the project has been constructing retrofit highway raingardens.

These provide a sustainable way to reduce flood risk, both in the local area and downstream, by attenuating surface water runoff from the roads. This is achieved by channelling the runoff into areas of vegetation and soil, which acts like a sponge to slow the flow and allows some of the water to be used by the plants and lost to the atmosphere through evapotranspiration.

Over time, and as the plants have time to establish and grow, the raingardens will enhance the water resilience of the area, provide a home for biodiversity, aid urban cooling and help to improve air quality


SEG SWMP Raingarden 1

SEG SWMP Raingarden 2

Retrofit highway raingardens

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(December 2020)

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