SEPA Introducing New Surface Water Flood Hazard Mapping

SEPA Introducing New Surface Water Flood Hazard Mapping

SEPA is introducing new flood hazard mapping which will provide a clearer indication of surface water (also known as pluvial) flood risk now and in future. This will enable people, communities and businesses to better understand the risks and act to reduce the impact of surface water flooding.

The mapping will provide a complete refresh of the national surface water flood maps using the most up-to-date data on current and future rainfall, improving flood map products to provide more confident results of where surface water flooding is likely.

The project will involve an initial pilot stage which will trial high resolution modelling and mapping methodologies, and a range of model assumptions and parameters across four pilot areas: Aberdeen, Glasgow, Peebles and Torridon. When the pilot stage ends early 2022, an agreed approach will be rolled out across Scotland and the mapping will be produced in a sequence of 11 geographical phases.

Further details on the new surface water flood hazard mapping project are available here -


(August 2021)

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