River Kelvin Environmental Improvements Project Under Way

River Kelvin Environmental Improvements Project Under Way

Scottish Water has recently started a major project on its waste water infrastructure in the West End of Glasgow to improve the environment and water quality in the River Kelvin.

The first stage of the project will see investment of £2.5m for improvements to key waste water infrastructure in Hillhead and Kelvingrove Park, and will include the installation of new infrastructure at three key locations; Otago Street/Otago Lane, Westbank Quadrant and near the bandstand in Kelvingrove Park. Three new Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) with screens will reduce the frequency and volume of waste water spillages in storm conditions, and so help improve water quality in the River Kelvin.

The project has been carefully planned, in liaison with stakeholders, to minimise disruption. Most of the work is expected to be completed by spring 2019. However, work in the Westbank Quadrant area, close to Hillhead Primary School, will be carried out over a period of six weeks this summer, another six week period in summer next year and the final work at this location is scheduled to begin in summer 2020 to minimise any inconvenience to the school, its staff, pupils and parents.

Consultation with the River Kelvin Angling Association during the early stages of planning for the project, also informed the final location of one of the overflow pipes further downstream from its original location.

Discussions are ongoing to determine what further improvement work is required for the second stage of the project, which will involve similar investment in other parts of the West End.

For further information, visit the Scottish Water website - http://www.scottishwater.co.uk/About-Us/Media-Centre/Latest-News/Environmental-Investment-Project-in-Hillhead-and-Kelvingrove-Park-Areas-of-Glasgow-Starts


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